I have few questions about setting up the ignition system for the 1jz.

the 1jz has three sensors,

2 camshaft angle sensors 1 tooth

g1 - 6th cylinder compression

g2 - 1st cylinder compression

1 crankshaft angle sensors - 12 tooth no gap

This sounds EXACTLY like the MembersPage/Fero/SUPRA we started in 2007 January.

It also uses Coil on Plug system with an separate igniter configured for wasted spark.

What would the best setup look like?

ditch the external igniter and get the 6+2 VEMS configuration ?

MembersPage/PhatBob I guess it depends what you want, if you're going to re-wire the whole engine loom then dump the igniters and let VEMS control things. If you want to keep things looking stock then theres no point in replacing something that works fine.

Personally I'd run the coils direct from the VEMS but get the Option 8 as you'll have a couple of spare high current drives that might come in handy.

Do you have any more details on the camshaft sensors? I guess the crankshaft one is the 12 tooth afair?

I switched the engine from a car that was right hand drive and consequently had to add 18 inches to allow routing to right hand side. would like to clean that up, and apparently the stock igniter is inadequate at elevated boost levels. So it looks like I should build new wiring harness with Option 8. only concern is noise with high voltage signal. Any problems in this area to be aware of ?