Trigger for MembersPage/NanassyPeter project

Initially - distributor based ignition

config.ign_tdcdelay=78 (decimal 120 = 120 * 0.5 degree = 60 degree) or whatever you set the trigger position (55..80 crankdegrees BTDC recommmended)

My current standalone ECU (034efi) uses a shielded HALL signal wire.

do i need to use a shielded wire for VEMS too?If yes,how to wire it?

In Megatune same values must be used (but in decimal; while in config we use hexadecimal)


(VR GND reference is EC36pin26)

The small jumpering (see below) must be made (remove the primary_trigger pullup resistor and move the primary_trigger jumper from HALL to VR)

Header for easy switch between primary_trig=HALL and 3 signal audi-trigger - from InputTrigger/AudiTrigger

For an assembled controller, one wants to avoid too many clamping/unclamping. (assemble/disassemble)

The alubos endplate is very easy to remove, unclamping is not needed. The trigger section can be reached for soldering or measuring with just the alubos endplate removed. However the onboard mounted MAP sensor makes it impossible to reach the connections.


60-2 project

I will install a factory BMW (arghh) 60-2 trigger wheel to my crank pulley,and a factory Audi VR sensor.I think 90deg BTDC will be great.Got my coilpack today and just cant wait to see them running!