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MT button for WBO2 proposal

mde02 works for (freeair?) calibration, but inconvenient with an untuned engine that stalls often => The WBO2 keeps running even if the engine stalls, if you don't cut ECU power.

Currently the Manmde02 can be issued from the MegaTune internal terminal, but indeed a pain (and don't forget to say "bye" in the end). So:

MT needs an "mde02" button to force the WBO2 ALWAYS ON (even if RPM=0). Good idea. Helps cold start tuning.


URGENT : make this bit adjustable from MegaTune

Tables were crashed in the KARKUS car,so i had to reupload the 1045 firmware,which worked flawlessly.Unfortunately in a really hefty run we lost out trigger wheel.I was a real flash when sparks came fom under the car.We were not able to find the wheel,so another unsuccesfull raceday.

After 3 races with 5 coils and with the proper trigger signal the 5 cyl High Output engine can be revved to 7500-7600 instead of the previous 6000 with dizzy.Nice numbers,but we have an URGENT need for even more dwell under boosted situations,and at higher revs.

My proposal is a total rework of dwell calculation,supporting overlapping dwell,with the added feature of BOOST dependent added dwell.

After searching some info on CDI, i found some interesting opinions about our systems capabilities.Because i do not really know a thing about HW,please tell me,is this true???

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I contacted AIM for their DASH communication protocol.

Looks like they are very helpfull,and they want to know what communication we would like to use,here the email from AIM:


Yes, we can provide you with a protocol template. Would the

communication be RS232 or CAN?

Michael Jaynes

AiM? Sports, LLC"

This is a VERY nice dash,supporting this would be a really good feature.Please help me to answer his question,thanks,Peter.

HERE IS the RS232 protocol:

and the email from AIM:


The attached PDF contains the CAN and RS232 protocol, though the CAN is really the RS232 wrapped in CAN... Using the provided template will give you instant compatibility, whereas a customer can select the 'AiM?' template under the ECU connection. Should your needs be beyond what is provided, you can send your template and we can incorporate it into our software, in due time of course. This may have added marketing benefit to you, whereas ANY customer setting up an ECU connection, or considering the option, would see 'VEMS' in the drop down list.

Michael Jaynes

AiM? Sports, LLC

So please check it programmer guys,and tell me if you have any request from AIM.


Nice work on obtaining the protocol specs Peter, i'll look into how easy it is to add dash support to firmware, however for the future it would be very nice indeed if they provided support for us. - DB

I recently found a very nice Water/Methanol Injection supplier

Im thinking about buying a basic kit,and using it to cool my charge air,and also add some methanol to have some more ponies.

They have a control box


which forces the pump to have more or less flow,as required.Note that this system does not have INJECTORS.I would like to use vems instead of their control box.

Is it possible to control the pump with VEMS so i can have less flow at lower boost levels,more at medium,and full flow at max boost?

Here is an email from coolingmist:

" saját magam részére

Részletes fejléc 14:49 (1 órája)

The controller controls the spray by forcing the pump to spray more or less flow based on the controller settings and the amount of boost or 0-5V input.



Thinking by typing here, so please correct me if I get the wrong end of the stick...

Do you need an analog type output for this? I'm not sure if VEMS has any - I think they're all digital. However there are electronic tricks that can be played...

Do you have some spare VEMS injector outputs? I wonder if you could configure the secondary injection to work as you need - ie give a PWM signal proportional to load (and therefore boost) that can then be smoothed with a suitable capacitor to give a pump drive signal - like a switch mode power supply.

I'm not sure if the current options with the secondary injection will let this work... I've not used this feature (yet).

Otherwise, a nasty way to do it would be to make up a 2 bit digital signal from the two misc outputs - so you can derive a 3 speed (and off) pump signal (assuming you use Gray encoding)

I'm sure someone more qualified than me can poke holes in these and think up a nicer idea...


Ok,here is a datalog of how my ECU behavies under IGNITION ON only.I realyzed this problem long ago:PW and sparks drops to zero suddenly and goes back to normal cranking mode.Note that i do nothing ,no cranking or anything else.

any solutions would be appretiated.

So far,so good,i uploaded 044FW and did a try,looks like works great.Further testing needed tough.Thanks for the fast response!



should check the relevant page, IIRC these are not yet implemented


We have 10 Audi S3/TT high impedance (14ohm) 420ccm "shorty" injectors.So basically we run the same in the staged group as in the sequential "main" injector group.

  • Possibly 5 connected (while the FET and EC36xx pin would be happy to drive 5 injectors, highz or properly configured lowz, but this could abuse the flyback.
  • or 2+3 split. This is recommended. It's OK to switch them simultaneously though, like h[0]=xx xx xx xx xx xx xx 60 where 60 (decimal 96) is sum of 20 and 40 (decimal 32 and 64) to switch injF and injG (see GenBoard/Manual/DigitalOut/Table)

Sorry ,this section is totally chinees for me....

Please explain it a bit more.

Is it possible to configure fuel pump out to another "thing",to have all 8 injector FETs? How this works on a V8 engine ,where all 8 injectors have to be driven independently?

Anyway,is there any difference between:

1 inj FET driving 2 injectors


1 inj FET driving 3 injectors??

What injector behaviour can i expect if i drive 2 injectors from 1 inj FET,this way i do not need staging,all injectors will work all the time.There is NO NEED for lean idle,this is a race project.Im basically looking for options here....

A: We have driven 3,4 and 5 high-z injectors on the same outputs on a few cars. With the powerflyback board you will most likely have no problem with driving those high-z injectors in pairs. They aren't too big. //Emil

How can i insert the new ALS functions (MembersPage/GaborRacz/NewAlsLaunchAndOthers) in the 1.0.30firmware and Megatune??


I still experience some unwanted EGO behaviour sometimes,the EGO correction just switches off (no correction at all),even tough it would be needed!

Please tell me which MegaTune variable to set and which direction??And what is this all about?


Firmware 1.0.35 (compile for testing: read: never released) got phased out (almost immediately after uploading) in favor of 1.0.36, since an accidental testing line prevented 1.0.35 to switch off fuel pump "config.engine_off_delay" after engine stall (eg. an accident).

Note: I think you control fuelpump with p259ch5, NOT with P259/6.

Serial port / cable problem suspected, as this are the same tools that have been in use for a while. If your tables were corrupted during upgrade, you can try to generate the config and upload the .mtt files through Hyper Terminal instead. When you do next upgrade, run the included bat files in the order described in README . //Emil

Hi Emil,

i uploaded my mtt files (made by Marcell) through Bray Terminal.

And yes,i use a USD=>Serial adapter cable, bought 2 different types (not pl2303 type from WebShop!). Unfortunately trashgrade windows drivers are very common, and often the cables are trash too (like the cypress-m8 type). There are plans to make MegaTune communications more robust with trash cables. Until than, use good cable.

The firmware upgrade and verification uses checksums and warns even today if there are any problem.

NOW THIS IS nerve-wrecking:

IAC - make a subpage for your IAC, it's scattered through several pages

I tried different driving frequencies, and at 50%DC it cliks with freqs from 1 to 50!!

Just make a proper report with:

This allows checking your config and reproducing (maybe in the experimental testing snapshot you used, MegaTune doesn't set the right iac variables ? iac config changed). Taking note of the above takes 15 minutes. Without publishing the above, you're wasting your time, noone will be able to help you efficiently.

  • I have used stock Audi idle valve (AAN) with same (same as 1.0.35? this is a contradiction) firmware (connected to INJFET), and it controls idle very nicely
  • IAC actuator speed set to 5.
  • Valve needs quite high DC%, some 50%ish needed to open it even a little bit. IAC REF table is set to 50..90% across the temperature range

Miska,DC depends on how your throttle body is set (i dont want to run the IAC vale when engine is warmed up).

IAC frequency changed from very high to configurable

IAC wasn't noisy with 1.0.30, but i had resolution problems. In 1.0.35 (with unpublished config!!!) it's noisy and does NOT work

HW change should NOT be needed - so go the proper route first and publish the required stuff (see mcd/mct above). Besides, (but remember, config first!), this is you can try ...

If you have powerflyback, Jörgen recommends trying an external (BY399 or Schottky) diode with enough current rating for the solenoid (around 2A for most Audi IAC's, 4-5A for the A8 engines IAC). The powerflyback makes the solenoid close quicker which is the exact opposite of what we want for the IAC. Even if you don't have powerflyback I recommend using the Schottky flyback diode on the solenoid as it has a fraction of the voltage drop of our normal low voltage flyback. -Jörgen

Don't use non-released firmware unless you know what you are doing!. There are no known problems in 1.0.36. The only things we know for sure from the above:

Don't use experimental firmware for now.

Strange that you get these problems with your serial adaptor. It's well known in the industry that USB cables cause problems, but not to this extent.


I have 2 of this shitty cables,and after an hour of suck!n,i installed cable #2.with this,the upload of firmw.36 went smooth,and then i uploaded my mtt's.i also looked into MT and everything was fine.IAC can be disabled of course,but to be honest,i need some validation that it works fine.

Good to know that it worked better with the other cable, are they branded, so you can warn other people for the non working cable?

Since 1.0.34 (that i tried in car without problems), the only change is that it now is less likely to leave coil active if loosing trigger at high RPM.

Also minor changes to megatune .ini. As i wrote before, will report as soon as i load this into a car. This BMW is 80 km away, so i likely cant report until approx 24.00 tonight.


We installed the direct inputs of Launch and ALS.It worked fine for weeks,but now sometimes (1 from 30 trys) the pressed ALS switch just SHUTS DOWN the ECU!!!

Whats happening?

Happened only 2 times,and i had to concentrate on driving away,and since then i couldnt reproduce the sympthom

It's likely a wiring problem, because ALS activation hasn't been observed to shut down ECU.

Actually, "shut down" is only possible if it's a wiring problem.

If it's a firmware problem, it could reboot but not shut down.

Refining what "shut down" means in this case:


If the problem is GND noise, a 5V1 zener (red-black SOD80 small cylinder with endcaps in rescue2 kit) parallel with the switch for "transient protection" purpose, between GND and switched input could help:

Closer to the EC18pin.. (ALS input) should be preferred.

However, if wired right, this "transient protection" zener shouldn't be necessary.


During the Boostcontrol runs i experienced some weird injector correction behaviour.Forunately we made logs so furher investigation is easy.

here the log:

see it at 9037.410 sec.

Here you can see that PW is immediatly dropping from 11.7 to 7.4


This is completely not acceptable.

EGO limits were plus/minus 3%,and EGO was switched off at full load,with RPM and TPS 'switches'.

I experienced it constantly right after starting the engine,so it might be associated with EGO swithing on.