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Trigger settings for the 1.8L audi 4cyl 20valve engine

Please start from a reasonable config, eg. MembersPage/MarcellGal/EngineSwap

Otherwise you are likely to have many BAD values. (the angular width is OK in my config).

h tábla

ignition settings

inj settings, low or high impedance? measure!

EGO settings,WB settings

MegaTune might not allow it. You can adjust from menu, but it's almost never needed. If you want higher max range, thermfactor table is easy to change: temperature related config values will be nonstandard, and LCD and MegaTune readings will be cheated.

Ignition module pinout

something like:

There is slight chance that the module wants 12V and cannot be fired with genboard v3.3's 5.5V logic-level ignition output. This is very unlikely, since in this case the original setup would work very hazardously with low VBatt. No sane engineer would use a threshold voltage higher than 3.5V