Audi 90 quattro 20VT ABY engine

Special 10+1 trigger system

VEMS upgraded to latest spec.

Ignition M&W CDI


Launch control

Boost control

Table switch for 2 different maps (race and economy)

Car currently running on 1.1.68,no issues so far.

Great job !

One minor "iac lock" note: the new VemsTune "iac lock" helper function required to set iac min/max steps(/pwm duty) to work properly. That must have been the strangeness you found in 1.1.69 "iac lock" convenience function. We added a note to the "iac lock" dialog in newest vemstune to clarify this.

Just before 1 day i decided to upgrade to 1.1.70 because of the warning around the 1.1.6X series.

The upgrade was not successfull,the engine was flooded.Note that the firmware upgrade was made with a small firmware upgrade only harness.

1.1.67 config attached.