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Very important pins - if they get disconnected, the ECM will be damaged:

GND5 (power-GND)

1 .. 1.5mm2 wires recommended for all GND (and GND5) signals and ignition output(s).

0.5 .. 0.75 .. 1 mm2 wires recommended for other signals.

Flyback (injector common +supply)

RS232 - EC18 connection, as on GenBoard/Manual/CommHardware

DSUB9-pin5 Ground,but where to connect??

Connect to sensor ground, EC36-26. Other grounds have lots of noise on them from injectors and IGBT's switching on and off.

Knock - initally left open


Sensor ground:

(CLT 36/14, MAT 36/2), but what to do with the other pin?

Other pin is ground (EC36-26). Since these are resistive sensors, using either pin will work.

GND to battery negative, and sensors and shields for shielded wires

GND5 (power-GND) All GND5 must go to battery negative. Use separate wires for each, and make sure some remains connected in any case (even if some breaks or something!)

TODO: please document other connections before powering up the unit

Also read through the manual. The manual will explain the wiring and other issues. After reading the manual, read it again; there is a lot of information inside.