I would like to use soon VEMS on a turbocharged,NOS equipped car.

Previously we used a specific NOS controller,and 034EFI engine management together.I try to list here what i think thats needed,and your opinions are also wellcome!

DRY system

defenietly needs fuel enrichment,because the extra fuel needed is coming from the stock fuel system.

WET system

we used this kind of setup earlier.

Functions in our controller

Starting RPM

Finish RPM

minimum TPS

Lambda minimum

Lambda delay

Frequency for the solenoid 8-10-12....24-26-28-30Hz

Nitro enabled for XX sec

Nitro valve starting %

Nitro buildup time (0,1 sec accuracy)

Nitro valve max % (so you can set max. ammount of nitro injected in engine with vems, not just with jet diameter)

I will also need Ignition retard,when nitro is activated.