Factory trigger

Merc 190 2300



VR sensor on crank

2 long metal pieces on flywheel (Vemstune scope shows good healthy signals). Is it hard to change to another VR sensor mounted a bit different angle (or away from the wheel, so bolts can be used), or with polarity inverted ?

Problem is that the negative pulses are placed to TDC.

Its just silly that the signal runs in the shielding :) i have to swap it,but on the other hand it works just fine on any RPM/Load,so why repair whats not broken?
  • of course, since it's VR => only "rising" setting makes sense for the internal signal (and the LM1815 senses the falling edge)

We can run 0 deg ignition at max or 45deg BTDC min.

Is this measurement or assumption ? The code has a hardly used feature


More details:

DC voltage = 207mV

Resistance of the sensor = 0,768 kOhm

We used the c004 no camsync to get it work.

We also examined your config, there were a few validate problems, and strangely 5 primary injectors were configured. Modified config uploaded:

Peter, compare trigger to 6 cyl M103 engine : MembersPage/MattiasSandgren/MercTrigger


Thanks Mattias!

Thanks for all the instant help!Great support!