Main porpuse is to use on cars as a supplementary and logging box.

Need a special firmware (and firmware only,no hardware changes are allowed,for compatibility!!)


Spark table > transform to a 60Hz fixed frequency 0-255 controllable PWM output (to drive a magnetic valve).Accuracy needed!

VE table remains unchanged,basically for Auxilary injectors,in this special case Water injection.

Boost table in open loop configuration for boost control via 2 fuel injectors paired ("air injectors")

Will need as much as possible 0-5V inputs,please specify which pins will be logged,and how they are named in the log.

The box will run on a 60-2 trigger with VR sensor.Will get RPM,TPS,CLT,MAT,MAP,EMAP signals.

Compensations on all outgoing channels

The 60Hz fixed freq table needs a TPSXRPM table plus a softwer settable MAP comp.Is this doable on the spark table or we need to mod the VE table and change its CLT dependency to MAP??

Boost table: TPS X RPM

I order the box linking this wikipage.