Staging related setup for MembersPage/NanassyPeter/CloneInstall

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the car has two completely separate fuel lines,with the same componenets,so the injectors are the same in the two groups (higZ,14ohm).

Initial try

First i will try with 2 injectors per cylinder as on MembersPage/NanassyPeter/CloneInstall/Wiring, wired together driven by 5 FETs.

It worked initially, but (surprisingly) with warm engine, it goes rich and doesn't seem easy to tune.


First group will run sequentially (on 5 FETs),valve timed, the second group (on 1 IGBT) will switch right after when there is a slight amount of injection time, say after 100kpa or so.

See GenBoard/Manual/DigitalOut/Table for ECxx pins (TODO: update here for complete verification)

That, with (360 degrees rotated) 53124 firing order means firing 10,04,01,02,08 that written reverse is h[0]=08 02 01 04 10 .. .. ..

and with the staging F (20) and G(40) driven together (in last position, that is position 7) it becomes

h[0]=08 02 01 04 10 80 00 60

that is

8 2 1 4 16 128 0 96 decimal (as in MegaTune)

The 80 (decimal 128) mask in position 5 is useful so the inj H FET can be configured (eg. for driving ALS kicker valve) with (in MegaTune, output to injFET-5 or injgroup-5)

Old Q was:

After instaled the stable working trigger,we tried to start tuning the car,just for basics,cranking and idle,and low load and low rpms.I realized real fast that there is a problem with the fuel map,or with the whole fuel system,because after the engine completly warmed (90C CLT),i had some really annoying richening.With the same setting just before this (with idle lambda 0.95) it now idled at 0.74,which is unacceptable by any means.I tried to decrease the fuel map there (VE),wnd it leaned out,but after 5-15 secs it richened up again right there where i leaned out.For the time being i disconnected the second fuel rail.

We still have some mechanical issues with the engine

very little fuel leak

thermostat wont open

alternator wont work

but these will be solved very soon.

Every basic ECU sensors installed

TPS is working now0-100%

MAT is connected (reading 7C more than real)

TODO: cleanup according to above - it seems all is answered above

Fuel staging

How can i set up the unused (INJ 7,6,5) fets to drive the staged ones?I read the relevant page,do i have to insert them in to h(0) tables last place?my current h0 looks like this

h(0) 4 16 8 2 1 0 0 0

so the staged with 1 inj fet (INJ6)

h(0) 4 16 8 2 1 0 0 32

and if 2 used (INJ6>3 injectors,INJ7>2 injectors)

h(0) 4 16 8 2 1 0 0 (32 64) OR (32+64=96???)

rotating the injection phase (this table is 288 degrees earlier compared to the 8 2 1 4 16 ... above) shouldn't make a big difference (at the end of the tuning! it effects the best VE table slightly), so leave it the way you had when you tuned