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The car has a middle sized turbocharger,tubular manifold,and because of its high power output,we target approx 2 - 2.2 bar boost (300 - 320kPa)

We use the well proven Audi stock external WasteGate? setup with 2 chambers,a spring which is finetunable with a tensioner bolt.The controlling device is a 3 way pneumatic valve,called "N75",normally open.In stock setup (where boost is 0.8-1.1bar 180-210kPa) it is connected to the lower chamber,and without any controlling signal its in open state,so only spring is working.When ECU sees no problem,it activates the N75,purges the incoming pressure from turbo back to before the turbo,so "opening force" is less,hence the higher boost presure.

I made some very basic shematics over the systems layout,so maybe everyone can understand what we are talking about here.Note that currently i dont know the "connector out" of the N75,will have to check that.

Because we need vell increased boost over the stock setup we may have to run another setup.

Any suggestions,ideas are wellcome!!