This page is dedicated to my new "clone" install,

basically the same car and setup as mine,with a race dedicated engine.


Audi 5 cylinder 20valve turbocharged,with BIG turbo and "no backpressure" :)

Special custom made intake and exhaust,oversize intercooler

First impressions

We got the car to the first dragevent of this year.

Again,after 2 hours of sleep and 22 hours of work,the car showed some problems (no reverse gear,gear linkage not aligned>fast gearchange not possible,almost no headlights,no dash,only 1 fuel rail...)

But we were so excited ,so tried it.We drove the car about 20kms,approx 30mins of tuning.Made 2 logs of the dragruns.

Its clear that we have serious leanout problem after 260-270kpa,

but we easyly boosted up to 330:)

The new Garrett turbo is awesome ,tough it much bigger than previous KKK's,its starts build boost earlyer!!


There were no problems with the new ECU Nr.375.