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Audi A4 20VT 1.8 AEB engine

VEMS install in progress

- VW 60-2 is 14 teeth from TDC or approx 84 degrees/KevinBlack?

so this means if i use trigger tooth 0 i can set 84 to TDC delay?

  • I don't have mine running yet and do not know the settings. To clarify I should word it "The vr sensor is mounted 84 degrees from the 2 tooth gap at TDC"
I wont use it
  • why not use cam sync? Downgrade from OEM?
looks like sort of that thing ok i will go wasted spark

i plan to use only 2 IGN outputs, 2 and 3 and wire the coils

1 and 4 to IGN2

2 and 3 to IGN3


DBW throttle with some idiotic servomotors to control idle (will drop it,and use proper stuff)

I will install an oldscool Audi IAC.

4 COPS - negotiation/identification in progress

They are power level i already sparked one at the testing phase

Engine started on correct settings.

AC also working after connecting RPM signal.

There is no way to set the cars idle with current IAC options with and without AC.

Our proposal is an AC input,which gives the chance to have both closed and open loop IAC tunings.

So lets say the AC is on,which will change to another IAC refposition table.Single "added value" is not ok!

also the target could be changed aswell.

Keep in mind that i already spent 2 days on IAC PID tuning with no luck,in the future i would like to have the chance to set it open loop,so pids off and only refposition.

Im trying to get this car working asap,so please give me the proper firmware for it!