Project Page for NP Complete Performance


We are looking to develop a plug-and-play VEMS kit for the Dodge Neon SRT-4.

I believe the only difficult part will be the crank trigger. Our crank wheel is a bit strange. It is a 36 tooth wheel, with 2 fused teeth and 2 missing teeth. I think. Wait, maybe not... Anyway, here is a picture:


And a diagram of the signal:


The sensor is a hall effect sensor, so you get a very nice and clean 5V logic signal out of it.

Other details about the motor:

2.4L DOHC Turbocharged

- Stock turbo - Mitsubishi TD04

- Mopar S3 upgrade - Mitsubishi TD05

- However, many people are running other, much bigger turbos

Stock sensors:

2.5 bar MAP or 3 bar MAP with Stage 3 kit (will probably use VEMS internal MAP sensor)

2.5 bar or 3 bar TIP sensor

Knock sensor

Cam position sensor (not sure if we will use this or not)

IAT - located right before throttle body in cold side pipe

AAT - located at air inlet

Usual coolant temp sensor, etc

Ignition - 2 coil, waste spark ignition

O2 - 2 stock narrowband O2 sensors, but we'll use the VEMS wbO2

Fuel - varies. There are many different fuel system configurations people are running, including RRFPR. We would minimally want to support 4 injectors in both hi-z and low-z form, plus a spare injector for W/I.

Boost Control - I would like to utilize the factory stock boost control solenoids.

There has been recent work to get Megasquirt running on this car with some success. They have added some code to support our crank trigger. I would like to duplicate this work with VEMS so we can start using VEMS as well.

Here is the wiring diagram they have used for setting up Megasquirt:


My first priority is figuring out what I need to buy to setup a test car.

After that, figuring out the crank trigger. If anyone has any suggestions on anything, please feel free to chime in. Sorry that this page isn't formatted very well. I will work on that. I am new to Wiki.