1968 Dodge Dart GT. 383 BB

Port injection, on modified Holley dominator intake.

8x about 500 cc injectors.

One of the early 3.0 VEMS boards, self assembled.Only fuel injection in use. Ignition is still being handled by MSD 6al and distributor. Trigger signal is taken from MSD tech ouput port, seems to be very reliable.

This setup has been running just OK for more than 8 years. Runs fine without any idle control just startup and afterstart enrichment. No winter driving for this car though.

Plan for this winter is to to update ignition using either two 2x2 coil packs or "smart" coils from AEM or something similar

Additional stuff:

2004 Mazda RX8 gauge cluster fitted to dash. I'm using arduino due board with two CAN ports.

Arduino pulls data from VEMS rs232 and pushes values to CAN-BUS in Mazda specific format. Seems to work exceptionally well even though still using only 9600 bps serial and 'A' requesting VEMS.

Note: "new" firmware uses SerialComm/TriggerFrameFormat