Michael Richards, who is not Kramer off seinfield lives near Ottawa, the capital city of Canada. He owns a performance shop that specialises in forced induction and engine management.

Michael has a number of years experience in electronics, digital design, embedded systems programming and engine management. He spends a number hours every week tuning cars locally and in Montreal and Toronto. He programs in C, C++, Perl, Assembly (x86 and i154), Delphi and Java. He has more than 10 years experience in Unix and has a strong preference for FreeBSD.

His plans are to work on the commercial side of marketing the VEMS system by developing the necessary tools to take it to market and then packaging and marketing the hardware as a kit.

MembersPage/MichaelRichards/TriggerTutorial/SimpleTrigger - Here is a tutorial I wrote on setting up a simple trigger and how all the config variables work.

MembersPage/MichaelRichards/Projects/MitsuTrigger - Here is documentation on the Mitsubishi 4G49 2.4l engine trigger signal.


MembersPage/MichaelRichards/Projects/NicksGTX - A fully built BPT engine with wiseco pistons, crower rods, balanced blueprinted with a lightweight flywheel, custom hybrid turbo, ported head, ported intake manifold, ported exhaust manifold, walbro pump, RC 550cc injectors, boost solenoid etc etc etc. All the shit I wish I had on my own 323.

MembersPage/MichaelRichards/Projects/TonyGTX - A 323GTX race car. Not much disclosure on the details for competitive reasons but wiring and basic configs will be posted.

MembersPage/MichaelRichards/Projects/SimonEscort - a 1992 Ford Escort GT with a mazda 1.8l turbo enigine installed (BPT). Running stock injectors, turbo and a FMIC with a custom engine harness.

MembersPage/MichaelRichards/Projects/SubaruECU - my attempt to get a plug and play ECU working on my Subaru Legacy Turbo.