Willmans Mazda 323 GT-R 4WD 1.6 litre / 16 valve turbo rally car

I'm investigating how to install a VEMS Genboard on a 'group H' rally car. This information is under development.

The basic restriction for the class is a 34 mm restrictor on the intake (turbo) and the rest is free to modify. At the moment the car has some kind of stock ECU and it doesn't really do the engine justice. I would like to see ALS come to good use on this car, and probably shift-cut and launch control.

It's a Mazda 323 with a to me unknown engine. It uses a distributor for spark and has "orange" low impedance injectors (2.5 Ohm) with a resistor pack on the firewall (6.4 Ohm each). Allegedly it's also a 1.6 litre engine.

Does anyone recognise what this is ?

[one image here] and [another image here]

It looks to be very much related to this project: MembersPage/MichaelRichards/Projects/TonyGTX
The distributor has a trigger mechanism inside. A very short examination reveals what looks like a Hall-type sensor (red +12V, black ground, pink signal). I can't find any crank trigger on this engine. What's funny about that is that it looks like there is only one available trigger pin/object for the trigger sensor to sense.

A: 323 GTR engine is 1.8litre, not 1.6. I have a friend who owns such car. Injectors are Denso 440cc @ 3 bar Low-Z's. I use them right now on my Porsche 924 Turbo. MembersPage/PeepPaadam

I will take more and better picture later. This is all I have for now: