Trigger issue with Suzuki Hayabusa 24-1

Some info on the car (not a bike) :

Some information on the trigger :

This engine is from 2003 and between 2002-2007 all used a 24-1 wheel and VR sensor. The engine is very hard to start because the rpm changes while cranking due to compression, at 250 rpm it's changing so fast that it's hard to detect the missing tooth.

Triggerlog file : [hayabusa-24-1.triggerlog]



Software solutions

It might be that the stock ECU uses the cam sync position to help it sync while cranking, hinting where the 24-1 missing tooth is located. I guess we have to work out something different.

We could apply some "advanced filtering", but judging from the triggerlog it seems quite difficult. What settings can we try? The values in the settings dialog picture below were never used, it's just what was in the config after I enabled the setting for advanced filtering.


Hardware solutions

One of the alternatives I'm considering in case software can't solve this problem is removing one tooth more from the 24-1 gap to get 24-2. That would make it easier to sync and can be accomplished by either modifying the existing wheel or maybe possible to fit the trigger wheel from a 2008+ engine which comes with 24-2 as standard. The downside here is it's also part of the generator assembly and is an expensive part.

Another solution would be to add a tooth and run 24 teeth with cam sync, and rely on the cam sync signal to stay in position - could be a show stopper.

Any ideas are welcome!