I have a Volvo B230 4 cyl 8 valve engine with simple trigger:

Before the fuelpump turns off (pump_on_mintime, recommended setting is 3..4 sec) sync is quick and engine starts fast

Here is a firmware 1.2.11 vemslog of starting and running the engine. Notice the initial cranking with no rpm signal, then suddenly "cranking on" and it starts.

If I run firmware pre 1.2.x it will sync and start immediately.

I have tried this on a V8 with only 90 degrees between crank teeth, it was almost impossible to get it starting. Downgrade to 1.1.96 and it fires right up every time.

Here is a typical cranking sequence, and clear to see seven (7) crank rotations before it syncs - with no fuel, so it didn't start, only for triggerlog cranking.


Here are my basic settings, anything to be changed here?