Engine setup

Due to lack of outputs I will handle the engine electrically as an inline 6 cyl.

Two injectors per injector output.

Driving the ignition modules

Ignition output hardware configuration

6 IGBTs and 2 logiclevel outputs

8 powerIGBT (0 logiclevel)

Wasted spark groups cyls with 360 crankdegrees

On this engine every cylinder head has an inner and outer bank, those will be handled and controlled by the same output signals from the ECU. Each wasted spark coil will send spark to the pair of cylinders that are 360 crankdegrees apart. One coil is _not_ wired to the two plugs belonging to the same cylinder,

Each bank is a regular inline 6 cylinder with 153624 firing order (same as this big V12 is related), the pairs are the usual 1+6, 2+5, 3+4 and will use one Bosch 3x2 coilpack each.