Peter H÷gdahls BMW 1602



Peter is running 1.0.73 and is using the BMW dual solenoid ICV. More tweaking to the ICV settings could be done, but works satisfactory for him.

Here are the files:
[msq file]

VEMS Genboard specification

1-wire interface: No
ignition driver: 8
Knock and EGT: Knock and 2 EGT
LCD and PS2: Yes
MAP connection: 400 kPa on-board (6/4 mm pneumatic)
mounting-style: no screws
PowerFlyback?: No
primary_trigger: Hall
secondary_trigger: Hall

Engine specification

Engine harness

The harness has been built so that you can remove it all and take the engine to an engine dyno. Looks very promising, but one should expect this from a professional electrician like Peter:


Trigger setup

Two thick pieces of metal pass by the Hall sensor at 45-50 before TDC. Should be quite fool-proof.