Nicke Nymans BMW E21 M20 Turbo


A page about how I fixed the missing boot loader after we replaced the AVR (why? long story) :


Genboard specific configuration

This is a v3.2 with production number 127.

Both triggers are configured for Hall.

Ignition outputs

00IGBT (Currently used to drive an MSD 6A)
04 SDA (PD1) - on JP1 connector (current default for AntiLagSystem)
05 SCL (PD0) - on JP1 connector
07Ground for SCL and SDA

EGT - only first input used.

LCD and PS2 - are brought through a DSUB25 as described here : GenBoard/BuildProcedures/LCDconnect

MAP - MPX4250AP 250kPa=2.5 bar (1.5 bar boost) using a push-in connector in the front plate.

Injector driver flyback - GenBoard/Manual/PowerFlyback

Q: Is [this] wiring method for SDA and SCL signals a stupid move? I'm thinking of running by the IGBTs in use. Currenly only one ('00').

What is the brownish (slightly burnt?) GND5 at the non-used IGBT position at the lower right corner ?

Nothing burnt.. must be something you can see and I can't.