To tune the injector angle curve for best emissions and power, one has to use the "Individual Power" feature in VemsTune. Dave has made some recent progress and actually made all 8 channels work. Now it's time to complete the documentation. Here is what we have:

Tuning the injector angle curve requires that you identify the injectors, cylinders and how they relate to ignition events through the individual power gauges. With recent firmwares (1.2.11+) and VemsTune, the order of firing is presented in a logical order but without much coherence or explanation unless you know a lot about previous firmware history and how the tables are numbered in firmware.

To start with, could someone please explain how it would work for my example below, the injector output table is presented as "Injgroup 0.. 3.. 2.. 1" in decending order. How do they relate to the "ign_outX" as the previous documentation says?

The "Individual power 1" is the gauge that is affected when I remove the cyl 1 injector connector. Injectors are wired to the first four outputs, numbered 1 to 4, and easy to place in the table. I am using wasted spark, two ignition outputs, but have cam sync.

Yes, it could be argued that as long as I put the cylinders in firing order I could experiment and find whatever angle works for any particular engine and ignore whatever the angles end up being. The point here is that I want to transfer this information and experience to/from other systems and engines.


+1 interest (GergelyLezsak?): also interested in knock version, where knock channels are hard to identify, gain channels seem mismatched too.

Gunni - >

Naming convention totally needs updating in the ecu. Referencing ignition outputs just adds to the confusion.

There needs to be a window in which you select from a drop down menu which cylinder is connected to which ignition output pin (not ignition output number) and injector output pin. The ecu from then on references the correct cylinder number without any confusion when it relates to either the injector output or ignition output. It never references the actual output pin or any internal naming(nothing in the user interface should reference internal naming).

Then individual power can actually make literal sense, rather then having to look up where you wired what. Itīs like asking someone to say Red when the font is Blue.....