The car is a BMW Bavaria 3.0S from 1976, chassis model is E3.

Below are details on the install of a VEMS Genboard on the engine.


Engine information

Plans for Genboard control

Custom harness

Trigger setup

60-2 wheel from a modern M30 (BMW E34 535 -91) with stock VR sensor.

Genboard configuration

To come.

MSD p/n 8224 "GM 2-Tower Coil Pack"

OK to use with the IGBTs ?

According to the PDF instructions they can be used for stock replacement on some vehicles, in some cases using ballast resistors, and ultimately the MSD DIS-4 CDI unit is suggested. Pure CDI coils typically have much lower resistance (<0.01 Ohm), this is a half-breed. Will it work as a regular inductive coil? Can the IGBTs handle that?