Need bootupgrade v3/1755 (again) => Granted 2017-03-28, you can arm 1755 with the pw you know (arm before VT upgrade, when prepared for upgrade; lock fuse seems to be locked correctly)

I made a request for ECU bootloader upgrade serial nr 1755 the past fall but forgot to write down which project it belonged to, I simple e-mailed the request standing at the car with the ECU in my hand, a simple note in the e-mail would have helped my case but I didn't think of it since ECU bootloader upgrades don't happen often.

Now that the car is at my place the ECU had been mistaken for another project with similar serial nr 1715 which I dealt with just after new years. It had a very old bootloader that needed hex file update at first. At that point the grant was disabled for 1755 - before I realised this was the original ECU I had requested an upgrade for. Doh.


I will just run 1.2.11 on it which is ok but I would like to have the latest firmware enhancements when I tune it on my hub dyno.