This is just a report about a case I had with 1.1.81 firmware on Audi Pnp where secondary trigger settings were set wrong (probably by me):

I had strange issues with trigger errors that only were seen sometimes, and then flagged as "too many pri trig events" in VemsTune (2010-10-01). In fact the problem was the bad settings for the secondary trigger. I'm surprised that the engine even ran with those settings as the cam sync was always in a bad position and the fuel should have been cut all the time, but when it did run it failed to report the appropriate error.

The engine ran so well that you had a very hard time to suspect the bad settings, just a bit unstable lambda at idle and it could sometimes flag the primary trigger error. Once this was fixed the idle air valve was tuneable again, it was hopeless with the bad settings.

Here is a log :

Overall the engine ran just a bit smoother overall after the bad settings were fixed. The VE table tune didn't change at all, so it had no major effect.