Albin Georgssons BMW E21 323

The stock engine is a inline 6 cyl engine called M20B23, manufactured in 1979. It used distributor controlled vacuum/advance ignition and K-jetronic fuel injection. On this car, all the K-jetronic junk was burnt at the stakes and a Motronic intake, fuel rail, fuel injectors and trigger wheel+sensor was mounted.

Interesting fact is that we started up the engine with basically the same config as MembersPage/MattiasSandgren/StefansBMWTurbo and the ignition timing was only off by a couple of degrees initially. Only req_fuel changes were made and it ran close to perfect with a little less vacuum due to what must be a slightly hotter cam than stock.


Genboard information

Serial_nr= 806 (8 IGBT, VR, HALL)
pump-= 4.15V
wbo2_nernstdc_target=0x86 \\

pump+= +1.5mV/200 Ohm
(C103=1nF, no D100)