""Nissan 200sx S13 CA18DET - WBO2 / A Fresh Tiny (AFT hereon) Install""

AFT to Nissan ECU (ECCS) Wiring Pinout

FunctionAFT 15 Pin PlugNissan ECU
RPM Signal107 Y/R
Misc In Signal827 - G/B for AFM or ?? LtG/B? for TPS
Lambda Out129 - W
Lambda Ground9Ground
Live Wide bandLiveStereo Blue wire
Ground Wide bandGroundGround

Measuring the Tacho voltage

RPM signal wire voltage measurements - 0.33volts live and 1.27volts with the engine running.


1) Connecting the gauges Misc In to either the AFM or the TPS causes the engine to hunt at idle and stall at junctions. Suggestions - wire in line with 10k resistor. Result = Car no longer hunts at idle, however in Megatune, Misc in gauge does not react appropriately, nothing logged to log file for Misc.

2) Pressing the button on the Gauge to cycle display causes momentary drop in revs and lambda. See Attached.


3) During logging gauge will occasionally log that RPM is 100 (see above pics/log) for one or two entries, this is sometimes accompanied to by a lambda spike, cannot get a proper TPS trace at the moment (See 1) in order to correlate where these occur.


2nd Gear 20-60