Original 2005-10-9

1) Looking to discover capabilities of the Gen3 Board, and how I can adapt it to provide fully sequential FI, coil per plug ignition, 1 wide band O2 Sensor per bank, 1 thermocouple per bank for exhaust temp and all the other features I've heard and read about. Vehicle: 6.0L V12 Jaguar, B/S=90mm x 78.5mm

2) Implement Extensive Engine/Transmission Information Center w/5" x 8" LCD Panel Display. - what transmission data do you have ? What interface does the transmission controller have ?

3) Implement rear mounted turbo set-up with variable boost


Your goals seem the same as mine, exept that I've only got 8 cylinders to worry about! Have a look at what I've done:


I'll help you where I can.

Update 2006-5-16

1) I have been through the manual several times and believe I am ready to order my Genboard V3. If I cannot find a sponsor/Mentor

with implementation experience, I will Buy a Wolf 3D+: It has 12 ignition drivers and 6 Injection Drivers and I can live with the system though the VEMS has more features.

2) I am not clear on how to integrate 2 units of Ford EDIS 6CYL. This would be wasted spark, with 2 x 3 Double ended Coil packs.

I have located 12 inexpensive coils w/driver off Geo Metro. This may be the best way to go.

3) my email is I need a Mentor/Sponsor that has implementation experience

  1. ) Remember this is a V12. I require