1990 90 quattro 20v B3

Engine spec:


-Garrett GTX3071-R

-550cc Siemens Deka

-Wagner High flow exhaust manifold with GT flange

-Rebuilt stock internals w/ ARP hardware

-Wagner Evo intercooler

-3.5" stainless turbo back exhaust

Other Spec:

-Vems V3

-Porsche 996 Boxster reds front/rear

-VAP coilovers suspension + Pro mounts

-B4 hood conversion

-Replica RS2 front bumper

- I did ave to adjust my injector sequence, which was incorrect,

- I have also adjusted my ignition settings TDC occurs 17 teeth (or 102 degrees) after the missing tooth so:

  • First Trigger tooth = 5
and TDC occurs 72 degrees later. (As I write this i realize that maybe my first trigger tooth should = 4 (or 5th tooth)) -Seems this would pull timing 6 degrees though and shouldn't cause a no start...

This 60-2 seems to fire properly on bench. Actual positions unknown of course.

I am attempting to get this engine started now but having difficulty with a No-Start condition. Need to verify ignition/trigger configurations I believe:

5x high output ignition coils


60-2 crank trigger + Hall Effect Cam sensor