Audi 90q-85 with S2-ABY engine. but i'm using an 3B top but i only use the distibutor to get the camshaft signal, the rest is ABY with 5 coils, the flywheel is from Urquattro 20v-90 with RR engine=almost same like 3B

I have problems with my new Vems-audi plugg in box, when i crank the engine it says "trigger errors" in megatune, but how do i know which trigger it's mean?

To my G40 hall sensor in the distibutor i have 5volt and when i crank, the out signal changes between 4 and 0 volts so thats look okay right?

I have tried to rotate the distrubutor a little bit a time but still "trigger errors" everytime i crank.

I have cheked cyl 1 sparkplugg when i crank, but theres no spark on it.

I have copied everything in config directory from a friends box and upload it to my box and tested my box in his car with ABY engine and 3B flywheel and it works good in his car.

If i plugg in my audi motronic box, my engine starts okey..

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Vems allows get spark even without hall signal.

Did you change polarity of TDC sensor. If no, it can give two impulses inside ECU and you got trigger errors and no spark. GintsK?

Yes i have changed the 2 cables, But my friend didnt in his car first time he installed Vems and it worked to start his car even that the cables was wrong..

Can i se anyware in Megatune or something which trigger thats not function when i crank?

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