If there was no torture (like running injectors without GND5 or flyback), the P259 should work. Thanks Marcell. I thought that those channels give an groundsignal for a led too. But this isn't the case.

In-car Testing


Q: Values off ntc-sensor in megatune seem to be incorrect:

1.while driving: 20C

2.while standing still: 23C

3.outside temp: 2C

heatsoak isn't an issue I guess because off the close values in 1 and 2? Is there any calibration necessary?

Uploading firmware and config and tables


Q: Problem by uploading firmware package VemsMT? 1.0.36zip

I downloaded the package, then I copied the existing config.txt and tables.txt into the new config directory, issued the generate config.bat, then upload firmware.bat, afterwards upload config.bat( with a 33warnings but 0 errors), reboot ECM, start the new Megatune but gives me this:

Controller code version does not match signature in vemsv3.ini

Expected."Vemsv1.0 12x12kpa=2.1"(found in ini file)

Recieved."Vemsv1.0 12x12kpa=F.F"(from controller)

What should I do next?

A: Check under Settings -> Basic Settings and choose your MAP range and sensor type. /Mattias OK thanks

Update 21/2/2006

The car starts(cold) on the second attempt and idles very well. I have not connected the auxiliary airvalve to the VEMS yet and if the car starts and idles like this I don't see why I should.

I based my config and tables basicly on Mattias Sandgren's volvo Btwenty.

I made a lambdatable and let the egocorrection do its work. The car runs good but still needs some finetuning especially in low kpa and low rpm.

update 19/06/2006

My current msqfile, datalog and config.

Does this look good?