Writing this on behalf of Marko


Car-opel astra 2.0 16v Turbo

gt2876r garret turbo


680cc injectors

tial wg

Personal VEMS is on the way back so currently using Kuuno's vems wich has exactly the same hardware as mine!

We are receiving the same problem as on the Hyundai-rpm is below 200 while cranking and drops off after every few seconds and then comes back. Soemtimes also trigger error occurs!

no spark from the ignition coils...

Trigger wheel is also 60-2. Will try to make a picture of the signal at missing tooth tomorrow!

meanwhile vems travelled to marcell and is back now! Thanks Marcell!

Car started up today but did not havce time to tune yet. VE is pretty rich and maybe some trigger errors also as engine was stumbling but will look into it tomorrow...

(vems firmware was 1.0.38)

I took some time to tune the car(from 2 at night to 6 in the morning :D )

it is configured to 1.6 bar and mixture is around 12-12.5

ignition is 9 at lowest(4500rpm and up@1,2bar and over)

measured with gtech best time was 13.7 and best 0-100 around 5.9 but it was wet road :)

anyway vems acts as needed again! :)