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K26-6/27 turbo, the K27 compressor looks like (cm scale):


Exhaust and turbo

We use the factory exhaust manifold, but custom 70 mm diameter exhaust (at least the exhaust is ALS compatible ;-)

A friend purchased [187 USD RS2 exhaust manifold] from [ebay]

Turbo (compressor side) upgraded

to K26/27 (appr 6xx EUR). Good for max appr 400HP. Minor compromise is that it is now an oil-only turbo (=> no watercooling: if I understand right, keeping watercooling would require some overpriced factory parts that just aint worth it).

The K26 turbo was upgraded by with instructions:

K26-6 turbine housing (cm scale):


Wastegate - to be replaced ?

max MAP was still only 199..205 kPa => Most likely the wastegate is broken (the diaphragm/membrane is broken?) and the spring is too weak to hold against the exhaust pressure (the area is quite big on this wastegate). If the wastegate membrane is broken, the 1 bar boost is about right (based on other's experience) for this audi factory wastegate.

The quattro car is fun with 200kPa, but we would like 270 .. 280 kPa MAP. otherwise the engine was a bit too expensive (for factory power).