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The dash wheelspeed has been junk since I have the car, mostly ~0 (showing some activity but showing usually much lower than real speed), later speedo's been staying at 0 permanently.

Now I have the VEMS v3 ECU logging the wheelspeed to SD-card, and [Display-only Round] showing the ECU wheelspeed in digital format

Wheelspeed Sensors overview - some more info below

Audi-200 (1989) has at least 5 wheelspeed sensors:

I plugged in [PS2 wheelspeed cable] to the PS2 connector of my old 3B ECU with (using 2 wires: pin2,3 of 3pin injector connector for the audi transmission side)


Anyone knows the number of pulses per wheelrot ? 8 or 9 ?

With GPS hooked up to notebook, (and configured in VemsTune) the GPS is sometimes higher, sometimes a bit lower than the wheelspeed (GPS lags a bit behind). Will need to get this (and gear calibration) straight on clear roads.


I'm also thinking of lighting up a "stayaway" light (different color than the red shiftlight) in the speed ranges:

This would help prevent serious speeding while allowing some slight speeding.

Gearbox wheelspeed sender ("geber" in German :-)


I found the connector that should go to the transmission speedo output (we already have the backup lights hooked up properly and working ;-)

The 3pin female connector has

My 6 gear audi transmission sensor seems to have a simple reed-switch between pin2-3. It's a passive device, does not need supply on pin1 (with the [PS2 wheelspeed cable] I did not connect any supply).

This matches the [fig09.pdf instrument panel schematic] perfectly.

The speedo sender in the transmission

Maybe I have to hire a car-electrician to disassemble the instrument cluster, and do what [SJM] suggests. I've seen Scrambled Auto Check "OK" display recently, which is another symptom of instrument cluster solder-over-wear (Flash Gordon was there in silver underware).

Frequency signal to the brown-red pin2