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The trigger is now setup well, including the HALL sensor. HALL sensor in the distributer works now, and position set, so startup is fine now, without kickback caused by bad initial phase (which happened with the bad HALL-sensor).

Analyzing a cranking triggerlog (captured with 1.1.92) shows:

No wheel errors during running (wheel error counter stays at W01 after startup). Because of how they mounted the distributer shaft, the HALL trigger became nonstandard, as it coincides with (masks out) the 134 BTDC cyl5 crankhome pulse, not the 62BTDC cyl1 (see InputTrigger/AudiTrigger for more explanation on the auditrigger). Since the distributer has "only" appr 190 camdeg window to set position, it seems impossible to rotate the distributor to standard position (without removing the shaft). It would make little sense to rotate anyway, since this setup allows firing 72crankdeg earlier during initial startup, and the 360 crankdeg off-phase was very easily accomodated in configutation:

h[1]=00 48 36 24 12 .. .. ..
h[2]=66 30 20 30 20 .. .. ..

This assumes 1,2,4,5,3 firing order, and the non-standard setup as it is wired currently:

The 2 VR sensors

I had to scope it anyway, to verify crankhome polarity and HALL window relative position. (this, if logged during running and different loads, would also show cambelt sloppiness).

Found some metric (M6?) screws, used a washer and an extra female to make it proper length, and mounted sensors in the 2 holes close to each other.

Teppo said:

That is, with normal mounting. I will have to check (and document) if I followed the standard (colors: no other difference between sensors), or got it with colors swapped.

Cam-HALL sensor - finally fixed and positioned

There are 2(-3) possible cam-HALL setups, with exactly the same function.

I found that ...

Conclusion: either the connector tricked us badly, or my HALL sensor is bad.

1.1.23 allowed running without HALL (with bad starting: every 2nd attempt on average). The factory motronic setup continues to run if HALL sensor is disconnected after startup. But 1.1.23 also allows to start up the engine (with 50% chance) and good running (without retard: retard makes little sense when only HALL is faulty, since timing is done from crank anyway). This does not effect normal operation, the same code runs perfectly when there is proper HALL signal, of course.

Spare HALL sensor - obsolete

I verified that my spare HALL sensor works (from the audi distributer with the slightly bent shaft)

But I don't know if such a spare sensor makes things easier. Not a bolt-out, bolt-in thing.

Although I have the spare sensor in the distributer with bent shaft, a small HALL sensor, and 1GT101 sensor too, it seems difficult to mount it in a sane way (either on front side wheel or inside distributer). Had the front-side wheel have 5 (or 7 or any odd number would work) spokes, instead of 6, that would make it easier to watch those with a 1GT101 HALL sensor.

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