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These [schematics] helped a LOT. I do not use the engine part (as I have motronic55 connector, not 35pin), but these are invaluable when troubleshooting the

I suggest to find the set of schematics that are the best match your car, save them to a good place, print the pages that you think are most appropriate (I didn't print the seat-heating and seat-servos, because I don't have them)

Dark dash - no lights even if the headlight is on... but why ?

Anyone (g60) ? can you scan 2..3 pages that could help me find why the dash is not lit ? The left glovebox is down (LCD was mounted), this would be a good time to fix dashlight

Radio - installed

The MMC-card feature is fun. (It also has CD player, but I don't know why a car radio needs any moving part inside!)

There was no radio in the car, but there were standard connectors that fit the new radio. Doing some measurements on the conn before hooking up the new radio: One has to measure with the ground-ring as base (not the black wire that is at the ground position on the drawing). The radio works now (it can play mp3 from MMC-SD or USB-pendrive, or ... prolly not gonna be utilized ... CD).

When the radio is switched on, (eg. by putting on the face, or by the PWR button), the antenna at the back of the car is ejected. This is annoying when the radio is otherwise not needed (eg. when listening to music on MMC). The antenna goes back when unpowering.

This car has some mesh under the dash (as one expects in a car with full-extra equipment designed in the 1980's)

Some noise coming from the dash - now gone

Maybe it was the heating (squirrel-) fan just at low-RPM ? I think this is gone now. Something around the AC-control changed it. Maybe setting AC to "off".

Right-side exterior mirror


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