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The real charge cooler [pics] .... [mounted]

We mounted this cooler horizontal. We decided that slanted appr atan((70-28)/660) angle would have looked ugly. It clears the hood-hook, and with total height appr 480mm still allows reasonable clearance from pavement or other obstacles. Obviously, air flows vertically. Unfortunately the air is turbulent at the nipples. They didn't weld on a bended tube as I would have preferred, but sigh...

Note that the tubing before and after the charge cooler also (untintentionally) acts as "front engine-mount". We will see how long it will work (before tearing the hose). Works so far. The stiffened engine mounts help a lot (even though the gearbox mounts are factory ones: rather soft).

Drawing made with European style projection:


Download same in [cooler.pdf vector format]

Hungarian text:

Felfogatás a rajzon kék fülek az oldalán

S4 intake idea dropped

The current intake has the opening at the rear part of the engine, pointing towards the exhaust (the only worse way would be a counterflow 10-valve ;-) . The S4 intake has the tube at the side (45 degree, going towards a front-mounted charge cooler). Unfortunately, this upgrade would effect:

Unlike the audi80, in the audi200 it's not possible to rotate the radiator 90 degrees (via horizontal axis) to gain space, because of a strong beam interfering in the bay that probably protects in a frontal crash.

Get boosted first, meausure, than evaluate

Before the final cooler placement is sorted, we decided to evaluate a quick-setup. We have doubts about the performance of the currently mounted charge cooler, but it was easy and cheap to make a tubing using flexible 10bar tubes and a few elbows. This setup should be suitable to measure the performance of the cooler, and to tune upto appr 240..250kPa (1.5 bar boost).

The cooler was washed internally with solvent to remove junk.

The tubes got some heat-insulation to protect them and help keep MAT down.

After MAT and pressure-drop measurements, we'll see if