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On Audi 80,90,100,200,5000, etc... the clutch pedal pushes the clutch cylinder via a thin 6mm rod. This rod suffers small internal fructures, wears and breaks after 15..18 years even with the factory clutch. With a strengthened clutch this will break very fast.

The bent and broken rod from my audi:


On 2007-05-18 (Friday afternoon), in Budapest (a city with not too many audi-s), one workshop was calling the other:

Clutch pedal switch


A series switch will be applied (so it can be disabled), but not absolutely necessary.

Using brake-switch - snippets from irc, Emil and Teppo

kalske original brake light switch 443945515 kalske 10+ eur, pic:


I got an audi brakelight switch, similar to the one on the pic: measures 0.4 Ohm normally; infinite Ohm when pushed, even just 0.3mm. Obviously they made it more robust by disconnecting the circuit as pushed. Just perfect for the input activation: the pedal normally keeps it pressed (infinite Ohm), and releases it when the pedal is pushed.

"Just fits" ... finally installed the breaklight switch to the clutch. Although there was provision, it took a few hours total. Every time I tested it was OK, and when I tightened the M12x1.5 female it went bad. When after 3 failures it finally worked, than I installed a series switch so it can be disabled.

note: a washer would have helped a lot, the hole was too big and the female (when tightened to final) twisted the whole switch a bit that changed the position

I still have to connect to ECU, take up carpet, configure (same input for launch and shiftcut can be configured since 1.1.31 and function (at the time of input activation) is selected by TPS: TPS<iac_tpsthreshold => launch. Otherwise shiftcut.

Cruise switch is both electric and pneumatic - different than brakelight switch, but same mounting provision

kalske cruisecontrol is done with a vacuum pump and diaphragm wich puls the throttle

kalske that vacuum line is routed to the pedal swicthes as well : [cruisecontrol set on ebay]