Wiring for MembersPage/MarcellGal/EngineSwap

The MembersPage/MarcellGal/EngineSwap/DaewooHarness will map readily to the GenBoard/VerThree.

Some investigation was needed to combine Opel, a Daewoo and GenBoard connections. I needed the connectors from the daewoo harness, so I decided to leave together as much of it as possible.

Time to make a spare ECM. The spare-ECM will have standard WBO2 (amplified nernst, instead of direct nernst). Therefore config will be slightly different.


Quick checklist before engine start


By using the cheap DSUB connector stuff (and v3.1 board) I want to test how hard it is to make a reliable system from the lowest quality/price items that were used with GenBoard/VerThree. Actually, lower quality, using a v3.1 board that failed the quality test and needed slight repair. The Daewoo harness that is reused is also trash-grade. For EconoSealIII I would feel silicone or tefzel insulation wires would be a better match.

The reason for the v3.1 is to force myself to check some wiki pages like * GenBoard/VerThree/Installation,

that deal with testing and installation.

Also, using the newer v3.2 (that ships since 2004.Aug) would be much easier, and I would jump over many steps unnecessary for v3.2.

Anyway, I already regret not going with EconoSealIII connectors. While the DSUB is much better than it's reputation, making a v3 system with EC is less work, and making a nice looking v3 install with DSUB is impossible.

Mapping decisions

Since this is a 4 cyl engine, only a few of the many v3 outputs is used. I will clamp only 2 lines of switches from the possible 3 lines. I can choose

line1 and line3 would have given me some free outputs to be used later:

Pin mapping

A table like this is roughly equivalent to a wiring schematic like on MartinFranck/Wiring. However

On the other hand, the schematic is more spectacular. If you have time, you can do both, of course.

FunctionWire ColorDaewoo ECU pinDSUB pinVEMS ECU pinComments
Vbatt, WBO2 pin3 Heater + grey, node15 Magenta/White C16 DB25-15 EC36-25 node15, only power when ignition_on
GroundBlackB2 (CLT GND), D8 (TPS, GND),B14 DB25-16 EC36-26 is the daewoo harness connected to engine ground or battery gnd? Do we need another ground ?
Power GroundBlack C7, C9, D7 DB25-24 EC36-21 EC36-32 EC36-5 connect these as hard as possible: inside and outside the board
TriggerYellow/BlackA16 DB25-17 EC36-27 onboard setup for LM1815
MAP ? ... DB25-21 EC36- ...
MAP and TPS +5V ? D15 DB25-18 EC36-28 not through 270 Ohm, but direct +5V
TPSRed/YellowC15 DB25-8 EC36-1 
Coolant temperatureYellowB3DB25-19EC36-14 
Manifold air tempYellow/White B4 DB25-9 EC36-2 verify on daewoo harness
Fuel pump relay ? ? DB25-20 EC36-17 (mdh70)
Injector 1,4White/BlackC4 DB25-10 EC36-8 INJFET_2 (mdh10, h[0]mask=04)
Injector 2,3 Green/BlackC6 DB25-11 EC36-9 INJFET_4 (mdh00, h[0]mask=10)
Idle stepper ABlue/WhiteA1 DB25-4 EC18-4 S259_3 (mdh36)
Idle stepper BBlue/BlackA2 DB25-5 EC18-10 S259_4 (mdh46)
Idle stepper CGreen/BlackA3 DB25-6 EC18-5 S259_5 (mdh56)
Idle stepper DGreen/WhiteA4 DB25-7 EC18-11 S259_6 (mdh66)
DDFlyBack?    DB25-12 EC36-23 -
Ignition 1,4 ? C14/D14 ? DB25-13 EC36-33 I259_1, (mdh12/mdh92)
Ignition 2,3 ? D14/C14 ? DB25-25 EC36-35 I259_0, (mdh02/mdh82)
WBO2 heater-4 (Heater -) white A15 Black/Yellow DB25-14 EC18-18 no mdh.. command
WBO2 nernst 1 (Vs) black A12 Black/white DB25-1 EC18-13 
WBO2 pump-5 (Vs/Ip) yellow A14 Black/brown DB25-2 EC18-7 appr. +3.96V
WBO2 pump+ 6 (Ip) red A10 Magenta/blue DB25-3 EC18-9 
Variable intake ? ? DB25-22EC36-19 INJFET_1 (mdh40, h[0]mask=02)

WBO2 sensor (that is mounted in the exhaust) RCal=116 Ohm

Calibration must be good, since appr 19% O2 is shown in overrun fuelcut more.

yet free:

There is a DSUB9 male "extra" connector (the DSUB9 female for RS232 moved to endplate):

Unfortunately there is not enough free outputs to implement 4 injector banks and EGR at the same time.

Done - apparently OK

PS2 cable

Right through the endplate, using a PS2 extension cable (from shop). Flying loom minidin-6 connector, that is.

LCD cable

Right through the endplate, and flying-loom DSUB connector. DSUB15 will be applied instead of former DSUB9. In the DSUB9 used earleir, -3V was connected instead of the R/W signal (R/W was constant grounded at the LCD). But LCD without busypoll had to be reset (with mli) manually quite often, especially with new firmware, where mainloop got faster (the LCD couldn't keep up). Especially in cold, when LCD (internal RC clock) is even slower.

EGT compensational cable


MAP supply

I connected the TPS supply so that growing throttle orifice gives increasing voltage.

We found out the hard way that we accidentally a "fake-TPS connector" (air-conditiner connector that looked like the TPS conenctor, but +5V and GND was swapped!!) and MAP supply was connected to the TPS supply inside the Daewoo harness.

Since than I verified the GM MAP sensor pinout:

The grounds and supplies need to be verified as well.

At least the fuel-pump relay is good though. (let me note that the Bosch relay I found in the Opel had incompatible pinout compared to the standard automotive relays).

For Later

When it's working OK, some features will be added.

See also

When editing, I continously verify (2 monitors and printer helps) to