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Problem: MembersPage/MarcellGal/EngineSwap/QuestForSpace => that's why turbo is dropped. Therefore some of the list below is not applicable without a turbocharger.


Engine swap


Finally the NA exhaust is installed. Even the fine-thread mother crew is in hand by now. Exhaust install (considering it's finally NA) was more expensive than I thought, somewhat >100 Euro (mainly because of the flex-tube). Also took more time, they didn't even started (although we agreed earlier) before I noticed. Photos above.

The WBO2 sensor is installed (we must not start the engine before the sensor control is set up). The EGT (bung) is also installed (welded on). The EGT must be bolted in, so there is no unwanted hot jet out of the 3mm hole :-)

Turbo - K03 with internal wastegate. Will stay in the trunk. (another project, see above).

VR alignment

The 60-2 crankshaft VR signal is by far the most improtant signal of all. We had alignment problems

[(see big pic of)] VR sensor is not aligned with the crankwheel. See [VR sensor from another angle]. The sensor moved 4..5 mm to the right.

We made a mounting adapter from K304 stainless steel. It's concept is a 3mm thick 40 mm wide 105mm long (non-magnetic) plate that is bent to 150 degree (30degree bend starting from straight 180). It has 2 holes (an 18 mm and a 6 mm dia) to bolt to the place of the original sensor location and 2 holes (an 18mm and a 6mm dia) so the sensor can be mounted - aligned to position. Different location wrt TDC, but we can set that in GenBoard configuration. It has an orthogonal strenghtening plate welded. It seems that it's strong enough. It is very important that it does not vibrate too much. We hope it will work well. Battery in our camera just went flat so you'll have to rely on the above description until Monday.


(9.8/8.2 - 1)*81.5mm/(9.8-1) = 1.8mm thicker than current - unknown thickness - headgasket Check out this very usefull compression ratio calculator:


  • google found this [junkive page]. It says that some "Getrag" (?) tranny works at 190whp and the 1.6DOHC can handle 150hp very reliably (no surprise here. does not mention compression though)

Variable intake - InTake/VariableIntake

Charcoal canister


Absolutely unsure about this. Probably a simple K&R cone filter for now, until we find the best solution.

Materials for the above

You can find useful things at [hidropress] and [innofluid]

It seems that I'll soon have the starter and generator and maybe some other stuff from the same guy that sold the engine (:-).

Starter motor - mounted

Generator - mounted




The guys at the engine shop seem to be very helpful. Also, the swap (without the exhaust manifold, which is expensive to manufacture from K304 stainless) might not cost much more than what I paid for the yearly regular inspection at another place (160 Euro). I plan to get the engine-shop to help (for reasonable prices) with the charge-cooler and turbo oil and water piping at least.

I definetely suggest this. When the engine is in the car, and the turbo is on the engine, than we can do the electronic things fast. Bolt on a turbo for an NA engine is a big work for a professional engine-shop too. It's more complicated than it seems. If the shop'll do the work cheap, than you should choose that solution.

Tasks that should be done by the engine shop:

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