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Everyone suggested to change to a 16valve engine instead of the 8 valve factory engine. Now the new 16 valve engine is in there. There were uncertainties if the Daewoo engine would fit, but it did fit beautifully: A16DMS engine is really the same interface as X16SZR (or X16XE or almost any Opel/Daewoo/Vauxhall engine for that matter).


But the turbo won't fit. The KKK k03 turbo is not particularly big, but still won't fit. I would need to take out the air conditioner, but I don't like the idea.

Than we didn't mention the airbox and charge cooler - that are also almost impossible to fit nicely without opening the hood.

It's likely that this car stays NA (1.6L 107Hp), and I get a 4WD car with bigger engine compartment (and probably 2L engine) for the turbo project.

The turbo would have fit with the old 8 valve engine. There is little size difference at the side of the block (except at the head, where difference is big), but it's just enough.

There is still investigation though.

I couldn't make pictures, as I arrived too late: the shop closed at 5pm (I talked to the neighbour exhaust shop's craftsman who would have made the exhaust and applied the turbo - they were open till 6pm).

I'll take some pics in the morning, and we'll see what we can do about turbo placement.

Also note that

Some turbo placeing ideas, it's mazda but you should see it:






Some use this manifold for Civics so they can keep A/C. Doesn't look great, but I guess it'll work.