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VE table (with intake actuator in highRPM position)


Lambda table:



The fuel system is complete. DONE:

Fuel lines and FPR


Intank Fuel Pump

Mounted in the tank untouched. The original engine is 75Hp at 0.76bar, I thought and hoped the same fuel pump is used for engines with 147Hp at 3.0 bar. At least the Etzold book does not talk about different fuelpumps for different engines.

Anyway, it turned out that higher pressure fuel pump was needed (80 Euro).

I'm kindof biased to measure fuel pressure to be sure.

But installing the oil pressure sender is no way easy. Oil pressure sender has a 10mm external fine-thread (1mm, or even finer?) male thread. I had a hard time to find a simple FPR => tube fitting. Not sure how I could fit this.

FPR was missing from the end of the fuel rail on [image 5].

FPR uses a vacuum port on the end of the intake manifold for it's reference...

According to H.R.Etzold book (Opel Astra), page 96. drawing D5891, items 11..14 the 0.76bar FPR (swapped out with the old engine) is in the TBI unit on the original engine (simple spring-type).

I bought a used (supposedly 3.0 bar) FPR for 14 Euro that seems to fit. The fuel fittings are now done.


Injector wiring notes

I had to fix injector harness, and several other wires in the daewoo harness.

Unfortunately a bit short of harness wires, mainly because of the WBO2. Problem is to get the rubber at the firewall seal properly after adding wires. But I had to add some shielded cables and a few 1mm2 wires for clean GND signals.

Injector opening config - GenBoard/Manual/Config/InjectorOpening

The injector opening parameters includes the injector closing effects.

Basically "opening - closing" time. Note that closing depends on flyback HW as well.

If you examine my tuned VE table (MembersPage/MarcellGal/EngineSwap), you will notice that lowkPa values are smaller than highkPa values. eg.:

This has nothing to do with the VE being so different. In fact the difference comes from 2 effects:


h[0]=10 04 01 08 02 20 40 80

Fuel pump relay is driven from:

I decreased ego_pid_kp (which is "incredible speed limit") so I can decrease ego_lag

The old ego_lag of 21 engine cycles was way slower than justified for the very fast and precise WBO2. Although seat of pants (and EGO correction on display) shows it's very nice, some detailed analysis wouldn't hurt to fine-tune these on scientific base.

Old: hunt for FPR output fitting

Finally I found a piece to mate the 7mm internal dia rubber tube to the FPR output: (an inverted cone female swivel). After spending a day with the hunt, it was very close to my place, and very cheap.

[FPR] has male 14x1.5mm output thread, with a reversed cone (24 degree??) inside.

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