See MembersPage/MarcellGal/GasProducer for generic information about different types of (air-oxydant) gas producers.

This is a combined draft gasifier with adjustable ejector for internal tar-recycling, designed for 5-14 kg/hour woodchips and 25-500 mg/Nm3 tar (less than Imbert, and much less than FEMA) when warmed up. 1.5kg dry fuel / 1kWh expected with 2m2 heat exchanger. (not likely to reach 1.4kg/kWh in such small size). In other words, 3-10kWe + similar thermal output.

Nice blue flames (cyclone + some cooling, but no filtering).

Short [video intro]

Other fuel: grinded straw or similar relatively dry carbonaceous feed not much more than 40% moisture dry-base) (and top closed, of course).

The small nipples are for pressure and temperature measurement.


The ejector can be seen:



Pictures are taken without heat insulation (very important, but hard to see details with insulation on).

The big tube is sized for max 300 kg/hour / m2 and the throat for 1100kg/hour/m2. Considering earlier experience (own and others').

Note that with this sizing it's unsuitable (or highly suboptimal) for saw-dust or rice-husks. According to [husk-and-straw-properties article]