This page is for the 2009 University of New Hampshire FSAE. I'm sponsoring this years car using a VEMS econoseal v3.3 ECU from the webshop with the following basic specs:

250kpa map

8 IGBT coil drivers

VR primary trigger

30v Flyback

SD Logger


The engine for this project is a 2007 GSXR600 motorcycle engine (often called a 'gixer').

Trigger is a 24-2 trigger wheel that looks like this:


After going through a few different firmware options I was able to get 1.0.78 to fire off spark and set the timing via timing light on the trigger wheel (*not* an easy task on a bike engine!)

I have recently switched to 16x14 to give extra resolution for alpha-n tuning (we've been unable to get any manifold vacuum).

The main problem at the moment is that I've gotten the tune so the engine revs clean and quickly to redline, idle is around 1000rpm and smooth (I am using ignition idle control, no IAC valve). The problem is that when releasing the throttle after revving it up the engine will die. If I back out of the throttle slowly its fine. Suggestions? Do I need an IAC valve?