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Latest suggested modifications to the HW according to the InputTrigger/AudiTrigger page with some addaption to the fact that the engine only has two trigger sensors. Load resistor for VR sensor sensing 130 teeth is also not 1k ohms as suggested since I didn't have high power resistor for that, now it is two parallel 4.7k resistors. Pull up for 'home' trigger is 22k.

I have now also tested with four parallel 4,7k resistors for 130 teeth signal och 15k for pull up. I did not improve anything, I got worse and trigger errors appeare before 6k rpm. New values will be tested.

VEMS board is installed in empty modified Motronic box and used with a more or less stock harness. Wires in harness originally used for airflow meter is now used for TPS and wiring for the injectors has fuses added and extra length so connectors can be moved between injectors if needed by some reason. New harness is added for WBO2 using M12 connector to a pigtail cable at the box.