Mads Lund

TVR3000M 1976

Jaguar S type 3.0 V6 engine and gearbox, derived version of ford duratec V6

Setup with original injectors, coil on plug, knock and other sensors, added 2 wideband sensors and changed the MAT sensor.

Currently in the final stages of the build, and the beginneing of 'VEMS configuration. So far got the engine to spin, with only some minor obstackles on the way. One beeing "how to use a timing light on a COP setup" lesson learned, even the timing light will trigger on the +12V wire, don't do that, as timing will be 3ms to early and useless.

One wish from me to the VEMS development, please add a a funtion to make 2-3 flexible analouge outoputs. I really hate to go and by a LC1 controller in order to split the lambda signal in order t osend that to my analouge lambdameter. Same goes with engine temperature, oil pressure/tempature etc. If it was possible to convert the VEMS parameter to a 0-5V output (either liniar, or by a 17 point table like the analouge in option) that will be really usefull in order to drive existing or custom gauges in the car. And perhaps are classic car's a chapter of it's own, but we really dont like blue led's on or wood panels :-)