Project Volvo is a 1983 Volvo 240 Turbo. It came stock with a 2.1 liter 4 cylinder using Bosch's K-Jet mechanical "fuel injection", aka the B21FT. This system has several flaws: not much headroom (without awful hacks), a large obstruction in the intake in the form of the MAF flapper, just plain complicated, etc.

Stock was non-intercooled with a Garret T3 turbo. The engine has since been intercooled with a stock Volvo intercooler (huge for OEM!), and an HKS BOV added. A 3 inch downpipe and mandrel bent exhaust was sourced from MVP. Other mods include an electric fan conversion, upgraded voltage regulator, Apex'i turbo timer, and more.

The first attempt at 'squirting the Volvo was a Megasquirt 1.1 board. Parts used for this conversion included a B230F intake manifold and throttle body, stock B230FT fuel injectors (Bosch 300cc low-Z), and a stock B230 manifold with custom line. I ran into several problems while getting this combination running, including a fried FET driver, fuel pressure problems and more.

Where to go from here? I'd like to plumb in a fuel pressure gauge and source new injectors. The stock Volvo units developed a leak, had nasty spray issues, etc. Additionally, a Megasquirt v2.2 board has been sourced and will soon replace the very hacked up 1.1 currently installed.