VEMS Configuration Questions:

I just received my assembled VEMSv3.3 controller, V-8 harness with relays and many other parts as listed on my overview page MembersPage/MTRacing. I plan to use this separate page to periodically post questions as I move forward:

1. My original plan called for dual WBO2, dual knock sensors as well as dual EGT sensors, one set per each cylinder bank. Before I go to the trouble of modifying the assembled harness (well done by the way!) to wire the extra WBO2 and knock sensor (only pre wired for one of each), is the extra effort going to be worth it (or even required) for full sequential injection and coil on plug ignition?

MembersPage/PhatBob: It may be worth wiring the second knock sensor, and I have heard that the 2nd WBO2 channel may have the software written for it, but for the first part of the installation I would just stick with what you have, and not bother with the knock sensor until you're up and running, start simple and add complication!

2.If I can run a single WBO2 and knock sensor in this configuration, what limitations or drawbacks would there be compared to running dual sensors for each? The car will primarily be street driven and occasionally raced.

MembersPage/PhatBob: With the 2nd wideband you'd be able to check that there is equivalent AFR on both banks, but if there isnt theres not much that can be done about it as we dont have injector trim. I know that they use a Wideband and EGT gauge on The Beast to monitor the 2nd bank.

3. If I choose to run only one EGT sensor, is it normally safe to assume that the second cylinder bank (unmonitored) is operating at the same temperature as the first cylinder bank that is monitored? My configuration is normally asperated.

MembersPage/PhatBob: Its never safe to assume anything to be honest, but you'll be being sensible and not just relying on the electronics to do the tuning, but be using them as well as the age old traditional stuff like reading the plugs.

This sounds like a nice project, any pictures you have would be great to see on the VEMS forum:

Feedback would be appreciated!


More to come soon...

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