Location: Cincinnati, OH, USA

About Me: I'm a married 40 something father of two and I've been a shade tree mechanic since I built my first go kart at age 12. I have been keeping my hands greasy modifying, restoring and ocassionally racing cars ever since. Although I'm not an Electrical Engineer or Programmer by trade (luckily, my father is!), I've been fortunate to develop a technical apptitude over the years working on small projects in these areas learning in the shadows of my father. A good friend of mine exposed me to his MegaSquirt project two years ago and I instantly knew I HAD to convert my car to EFI! I researched nearly every possible EFI system for my project and VEMS was the clear choice for flexibility, capability and certainly value. Nothing really compares short of a high end MOTEC!

Current Project: 1969 Chevrolet Camaro RS SS Convertible, "Pro Touring" Conversion with EFI

Project Goals: Build a 60's era muscle car that maintains a nearly stock external appearance into a car that drives and performs as well as today's best 2+2 performance cars. The car will primarily spend most of it's life "cruising" but will occasionally see drag racing and autocross events. A well balanced, driveable package is key. All irreplacible numbers matching components for the car have been kept during the conversion. The following are the primary performance measurement goals I'll be evaluating at completion of the project:

The following is a brief rundown of the car's configuration:

Engine Specifications:

EFI Configuration:




Pictures can be found at the following link:,811.0.html

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